Quel sac d'évacuation choisir ?

Which bug out bag to choose?

Why have a bug out bag?

The collapsing stock exchanges, a virus that triggers a pandemic all over the globe, looting in Western capitals, repeated shootings in the country of Uncle Sam, revolts by people from all over the world, industrial accidents , armed clashes in the middle of the day in France... Serious miscellaneous events do not only cause resistance, they swell and soar!

The best way, at your humble level, to counter or at least resist this, the time that better days arrive (one must always be optimistic) is to plan as well as possible, to anticipate these events .

You owe it to yourself but also to yours to be prepared for any eventuality of a conflict or imminent hostile situations.

Evacuation situation

For this, you decided to take an interest in survivalism. And after much discussion and research on this, today you chose to opt for a bug out bag . Indeed, for your survival, you must have a bag to put your belongings and equipment in which will leave with you urgently if a complicated situation arises in front of you. You can then quickly leave (evacuate) your place of residence and hope to survive several days quite easily thanks to the ingredients inside this bag.

A bug out bag and its basics:

Bug out Bag

The latter must have certain precious qualities that you would not necessarily surrender to at first sight. But it must have certain essential characteristics that you already suspect.

Indeed, it must have a large enough capacity for you (see yours in surplus if possible) so have at least a backpack of 20 liters minimum. You can then put your belongings and tools there such as a knife , first aid kit , lighter or even rope for example.

This evacuation bag will generally have several small compartments , which will be perfect for you if you want to put dry food in it such as energy bars or even freeze-dried food.

1) Reliability in all circumstances

Indeed, above all, it must be of sufficient quality so as not to come apart during a quick escape on your part or when running, for example by trotting with the bag on your back.

Leaving quickly can be very realistic if danger approaches without warning near your home.

Hiking bag evacuation

This backpack which must be prepared in advance obviously must be in a place that you will remember on the big day.

If it has a capacity that suits you, interesting features to optimize its interior space and store various gadgets, then it is reliable.

Don't hesitate to practice bushcraft with this same evacuation backpack to see him, his "skills" and his "reliability" in everyday life in the wild.

Also check if he is comfortable running, if his weight is not too hard to carry on his back.

2) Discretion during evacuation

Camouflage emergency survivalism

Its color can be a matter of life and death for you and yours. Nothing more complicated, nothing more true.

It could be perfectly reliable and solid, if it is fluorescent pink and you are hidden in a wood surrounded by greenery and brown, it will be too late for you.

A dark or camouflaged color may be a must.

Black is a base for a bug out bag color just like a gray or camouflage.

Imagine, put yourself in a situation, you are in the middle of a wooded region and you have to survive there for a good ten days.

With a dark bag, either black or camouflage, you will blend in with the trees and pieces of wood which are then your new environment.

With a fluorescent bag, if any rival sees you, then he will have a great advantage for the future.

And remember that during a hostility that upsets a region, a country, a continent, there is no longer any justice to protect you. It's the law of the most cunning that comes into play.

That's why this Bug Out Bag is for you!

At Survie-shop, we took the greatest care to select, just for you, the famous evacuation backpack that would suit you best so that you are prepared for all dangerous events.

The 100L military backpack - Gray

Military Evacuation Backpack 100l Gray

With a huge capacity (100 liters) , it can then contain your equipment , your food , your belongings as well as those of several of your loved ones who will be by your side during this survival episode.

With several strong straps , you can best optimize the weight distribution once you wear it. So you will have less difficulty and pain than an ordinary bag to move around!

Water resistant , with several compartments and with a breathable back mattress , this bag gathers the very important and even vital strengths in a survival situation.

You may very well have to jump into the water, cross a river or whatever in order to go to a safe place with your loved ones.

And as you know it is camouflaged gray in color which indicates that you will have no problem and that you will be able to sneak around town as well as in the woods without the slightest worry of being seen .

Moreover, it is really an acquisition that you make for the long term given the quality of this superb bag.

In nylon , this evacuation bag will allow you to store a whole bunch of vital utensils for your well-being and especially for your life.

With pockets on the side , you can even grab your knife while walking without wasting time.

It is truly optimized for combat.

Here's why we think this Bug Out Bag is the best for you right now!

He has so many qualities and strengths that it is difficult not to praise him.

At the evacuation level:

Quick evacuation backpack

Evacuation bag level, remember very carefully and until the rest of your life, that you will need it as soon as a crisis or a hostile situation strikes us all.

Caught off guard and without anticipation or preparation for this situation, we agree not to flesh out the skin of the unplanned.

This evacuation bag is then an important advantage over the others because it is then at your side and ready to go at any time.

This bag could very well be the 100 liter military backpack( available on www.survie-shop.com ) because it offers discretion and exceptional capacities as specified in this superb article.

With its water resistance , its gray and camouflaged color, you can survive fairly on three different survival terrains:

  • the water
  • Woods
  • the urban area

Very complete and with many compartments , you can even help out your loved ones by putting their things in this large bag while grabbing your knife without stopping walking!

Now you know which evacuation bag to choose and that for a simple and unique reason.

It has the capacity to get you out of trouble and is optimized in a grandiose way for your future, alas, probable survival...


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