Matériel de Survivalisme : Liste de l'Équipement de Base

Survival Gear: Basic Equipment List

Basic survival gear is vital to your survival.

Indeed, without some utensils, belongings, tools, etc... Your chances of surviving dangerous events will quickly dwindle.

In this article, you will find a complete and simple list of equipment to have close to you and to have, especially first.

Full List of Basic Survival Gear

  • military backpack

Black military backpack

The military backpack is a base for your survival. Indeed, this large container of 20.50 or even 100 liters will allow you to store your belongings , your food or other items in its side pockets or its hidden compartments inside this bag. Generally, these are water resistant and it is better to take them dark in color (black or camouflaged) so as not to be seen by potential threats.

We've put together a backpack buying guide for people who want to compare different survival packs.

  • Knife

Survivalist Equipment Knife

The knife (Swiss army knife if possible) will obviously allow you to plant, cut or even pull out or hang on. You could stick your multi-purpose knife in wood, kill or defend yourself against an enemy or an animal, but also cut a string or a rope, see wood, or even hang on while climbing, for example. It is a basic equipment to have obligatorily in its material of survivalism.

  • Lighter

lighter survival kit

The lighter or any other object such as a firelighter or a fire stone will simply allow you to light up but above all to warm you up and make yourself a small campfire in the middle of the survival episode. Because in survival, the heat of a wood fire is vital for your morale but also for your health and safety. Indeed, you could very well boil water as well as cook animals that you have killed, reheat your food that you have taken or even keep wild animals away from your camp. Our ancestors in prehistory put themselves in a secure place and kept ferocious beasts away by making a fire next to them. The lighter is for these several things a must to have in its basic equipment.

We offer a few variants of storm lighters, plasma lighters or electric lighters in our collection on fire starters .

  • Mobile phone

Phone Survival

In a survival situation, the mobile phone will allow you to contact someone if necessary and if you manage to pick up the network. As a result, it will be one of your best allies to get out of it.

But with modern phones, you can also watch the clock , set timers , and a whole bunch of useful survival stuff.

The best thing is to use a solar-powered hull and like that, by using this very useful utensil sparingly, it will be recharged thanks to the rays of the sun without the slightest electrical outlet, something that can be very complicated to access while living a hostile period.

  • Light/Flashlight

rechargeable flashlight

Do I need to specify why you should have a light source in your basic equipment?

A rechargeable hand crank flashlight would be the best accessory to have a constant light source. You could very well be brought into a dangerous situation at night or hide in these dark corners for a while with your people. This flashlight that works without batteries just with the strength of your arms will be vital to you and will simplify your task when you look for a tool in the dark at the bottom of your bag, for example.

  • Sleeping bag

Survival sleeping bag

It is not because you are in a perilous situation where your life and that of your loved ones is potentially threatened that you should forget all comfort. And there is no greater luxury in survival than sleeping warm surrounded by your sleeping bag. Sleep is important and affects your mood and mental health.

  • First aid kit

First aid kit

A first aid kit with dressings , pain medication , a Ventolin if asthma, a pair of scissors , bandages see eye drops is vital in survival.

While running or jumping into the water, you could cut yourself even a little bit, which should be disinfected immediately because in nature, bacteria are everywhere. A little ankle pain during a civil war or a financial crisis and I doubt very much that your general practitioner will be present to examine you. You will then have to make yourself a bandage and take something to relieve you of the pain.

You will do with the means at hand and this well-stocked first aid kit will then be a gold mine for you and your loved ones. It can literally save your life.

  • Food and drinking water in stock

Survival cereal bar

Dry foods such as canned food or cereal bars or even freeze-dried foods can give you energy where you need it most.

Drinking water can be in the form of small bottles of water but still take a water bottle with you to collect spring water if you ever have a source of drinking water on your journey. Obviously, no need to specify that these two things are vital to your survival and that they are basics in your survivalist backpack.

Regarding water bottles, consider bringing a multiple reuse filter that you can find on the store in the Water Survival category.

Losing your essential survival ingredients or not taking enough of them and you are plagued with constant stress about whether you will be able to bring back enough caloric resources to yours and to yourself during a dangerous situation.

It's a luxury to have food on you at a time when the smallest piece of meat lying around in nature is coveted by everyone. Rivals could hunt the same species as you because they too would not have enough food and hungry humans will go so far as to fight to the blood for a piece of meat.

  • Changing clothes/ Rain clothes

Survival clothing

In order to keep your spirits up but also to feel better physically, you must have spare clothes in basic equipment. Underwear is to be taken away en masse. Dry socks are a rare commodity in a hostile situation where your feet could get soaked very quickly. And if there are soaked feet and you have no solution to have dry socks, in nature in a few hours, you could catch a cold or the flu and there is nothing worse for your survival than having to face a disease in addition to rivals.

Rainwear can warm you up instantly after putting them on.

  • Survival kit

Survival kit equipment

You can also opt for a complete survival kit . You find some for EDC , especially for military or other operations. These usually include the most important hardware. You will often find a knife, a fire starter, a lamp, an emergency blanket , a handsaw in the form of a cable, tinder, etc,...

You can find many survival kits prepared by the team in our survival kits collection.

Basic equipment for survivalism, conclusion:

As you have seen in this very complete article just to inform you, these several basic pieces of equipment should be in your solid survival backpack .

With these essential utensils for your good condition in a collapsing world, you can then optimize your chances of seeing better days.

And it is above all what counts in a hostile situation , to find if possible in form, better and serene days as soon as possible for oneself as well as his.

These nine basic pieces of equipment will be strong points if you know how to use them sparingly and only when you need them most.

Anticipating situations that can quickly become hostile with basic equipment is to ensure a certain comfort in your journey.

Thanks to, you have had a complete list of basic equipment for a survivalist. It's up to you to plan now!


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