Les Meilleurs Sacs à Dos de Survie - Avis et Guide d'achat

Top 20 Best Survival Backpacks! (Reviews and Shopping Guide)

Choosing the right equipment to get through adventures, crises and wars more easily is a matter of life or death ...

Only which backpack to choose? Is it the first accessory to choose? Answer in this article...

Because a survival backpack is vital!

And yes, dear survivalists, you know that danger can come at any time in many ways. So, with that in mind you must be foresighted and alert to the next hostile eddy on the globe. A pandemic, a financial crisis, an armed confrontation that spreads in the territories of the whole country and here you are ready to have to roll up your sleeves .

Acting and planning these things will require a lot of knowledge, knowledge but also equipment. Among this equipment is obviously the famous survival backpack !

Here is a list of the best survival backpacks just for you

1) The 20l military backpack – Black

20 liter military backpack black

Capacity of 20 liters and black in color, this survival bag contains several compartments so that you can store various accessories ideal for your survival.

Its black color will offer you the luxury of being discreet and inconspicuous in a period when you have to keep a low profile.

2) The American military backpack 40l – Camouflage

American military backpack - Camouflage

With a significant capacity and camouflage color, you can then put your equipment there as well as that of a survival friend if you wish.

Its camouflage color will make it an excellent ally for sneaking into the woods in the event of major upheavals in your area.

The American flag embroidered on the backpack will give you the feeling of being a real US ARMY soldier !

3) The German Military Backpack 50l – Black

Black German Military Backpack

So there, in terms of capacity, our Germanic neighbors were strong!

For the record, this tactical backpack is the perfect copy of the German commando survival backpack.

The German quality is no longer to be proven.

Nice little thing, its front pockets ! And yes, no need to waste time rummaging through the bag to pick up your little accessory. You will have quick access to them thanks to these pockets!

4) The 100l military backpack – Opex

Military Backpack 100 Liters - OPEX

This is the bag that our soldiers in France use during their missions abroad in hostile terrain. Capacity of 100 liters , so you can then store your equipment as well as those of your friends. Imagine if each of you had this same backpack.

You would then have a great advantage over the enemies.

In addition, the camouflage color is, as you know, conducive to being discreet in the wooded paths of your region.

5) The 20l waterproof backpack – Blue

Waterproof Backpack 20l - Blue

Sky blue in color, this backpack will sneak wonderfully between the sea waves if you are on a boat to escape enemy land for example.

Waterproof, it will allow you to keep your papers and equipment dry as well as your food and to take to the open sea.

Because yes, your survival could be much better on the other side of the shore if your area is disrupted by dangerous clashes.

6) The 20l military backpack – Beige

20L Military Backpack - Beige

It's not the kind of house to clutter up for nothing. This water-resistant backpack is quite light and will allow you to move much faster than your enemies who, unfortunately for them, have much heavier backpacks.

A capacity of 20 liters ideal for one person and a beautiful beige color that will allow you to sneak as much in the mountains as in the desert .

7) The 100l military backpack – Commando

Military Backpack 100 Liters - Commando

So there, this large 100 liter survival backpack will allow you and your loved ones to store your belongings safely . Several compartments will give you the choice of separating your equipment from your food and your medicine kit, for example.

Commando-inspired, it will get you out of trouble many times over and its reliability is well established.

8) The 50l military backpack – Black

Military Backpack 50 Liters - Black

This backpack has a large capacity, water resistant and with a "breathable back" will allow you to store your belongings intelligently in view of its many compartments.

Ideal for long-term survival, please note that its straps are adjustable .

You will then have enough to relieve your back and in times of survival, the minimum of comfort is a question of life or death.

9) The 70l military backpack – French Army

French Army Military Backpack

With a large capacity of 70 liters , this survival backpack used by the French army during their training and patrols on our territory is unparalleled reliability !

Its nylon material is simply ultra tear-resistant !

So it really is a survival backpack to rely on for trouble that might come sooner than expected.

The French touch has a bright future ahead of it and you must give it back!

10) The 20l military backpack – Green

20 Liter Military Backpack - Green

This backpack is simply your best ally for your travels . With a capacity of 20 liters , it will give you the privilege of walking easily without great difficulty and having better balance.

In addition with its green color, nature will be your best place to hide and stay there if possible.

But also...

After these ten excellent survival backpacks and their superb comments about them, know that there are the same ones but with different colors so that it is all the same to your taste despite the crisis that you will have to manage . Because yes, aesthetics also has its place in the world of survivalism.

Waterproof survival backpacks also come in pink, green, and black in addition to the blue you were shown.

50 liter military backpacks are also available in desert, blue or even camouflage, as are 100 liter military backpacks which also exist in grey, camouflage or sand ...

Remember that in terms of survival...

You then have thanks to this very complete article, more than 20 existing survival backpacks with different capacity, different interesting characteristics for you and you will then have the choice of the king in order to choose one of these bags knowingly.

The common point of all these backpacks is simply that they will be important to you in case of trouble and will even be of very precious and even vital help to you.

If you want to know a little more about these backpacks and their availability, do not hesitate to visit www.survie-shop.com to get a clearer idea of ​​which one you would choose...


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