Quel sac à dos de survie choisir ?

Which Survival Backpack To Choose?

Disasters, natural or not, make the news. Their frequency and scale are seemingly increasing and seem to give credence to the concerns of survivalists. Evacuations in extreme urgency, alas, only happen to others! If this happens, it is beneficial if not vital to have some preparedness.

The ideal volume for a survival backpack:

It is always difficult to determine the volume of a backpack . Whether small or large, the choice will depend in particular on its purpose. Indeed, the materials needed for a hike are not bulky enough than those of a survivalist.

Before choosing your backpack, you must first identify your needs . At the same time, we must not forget that you will only need it for your survival and a certain autonomy. In terms of autonomy, a 50 liter backpack is more than enough if it lasts about three days .

A little advice: before buying a bag, take all the things you want to fit in it. Then, take different models of garbage bags to try to get an idea of ​​the capacity of the bag.

To plan in case of evacuation:

evacuation survival

The minimum to plan is the survival bag which benefits from having been prepared with intelligence and discernment. Whatever its name, hiking bag or evacuation bag , it must allow the carriage of food and survival equipment for a few days as well as the essential administrative documents , identity documents, heritage or medical documents. Light, but very resistant, it must deserve its name of survival bag, because it can really engage a vital prognosis.

The specific characteristics of the survival bag:

Survival backpacks will need to have some different features from regular backpacks. Indeed, they are confronted with various elements such as humidity or heat. Just like you, they will encounter difficulties along the way. You have to consider comfort because you have to wear it on your back for a long distance and for a while.

Therefore, it is recommended that you opt for a bag that you can adjust according to your size and according to the weight of its contents for better distribution.

Faced with these requirements, the bag you choose must be resistant , comfortable and waterproof . This last criterion is very important to counter any humidity. On the other hand, protecting it with a waterproof cover is necessary if the rain becomes stronger or if it must be in contact with water. As your backpack will be filled with various equipment, it is essential that it is as light as possible.


Survival backpack straps

The straps should also be well checked at the time of purchase. They must be adjustable and offer better ergonomics. A survival backpack with chest and waist straps is ideal for holding a large portion of the pack's loads. Indeed, your shoulders do not have to bear all this weight for your health and comfort. The manufacturers have thus installed the belly straps so that the weight of a bag is distributed on the hips.


Pocket Survival Backpack

In addition to being useful for your storage, the side pockets will also allow you to redistribute the load of the bag . As a result, you will have less back pain and you will be less tired. At the same time, you can store things you need to have close at hand, such as lamps or knives.

The middle part of your bag should be the largest because most of your stuff is going to be stored there. You can put all your food, a sleeping bag, a jacket in case it gets cold or a raincoat in case of rain, among other things. It is this compartment which is tightened by the straps for a better distribution of the weight because indeed, it contains the most load.

Recommendations from survivalists:

It is recommended that you take precedence over discretion when choosing the color of your backpack to avoid malicious people. It should be neutral, usually black. You can also opt for a military or camouflage backpack. In case of problems, you can use a distress flare or have a yellow vest in your bag so that the rescuers can spot you.

Three models of survivalist backpacks deserve your attention in particular:

The 20l military backpack - Black:

Military backpack 20l black

Perfect for its discreet black color as well as its lightness , this survival backpack allows you quick and easy access to your belongings. Grabbing a knife or a sleeping bag will never be easier than with this bag. With several secret pockets and a capacity of 20 liters, you will then have the space to discreetly store several things.

Moreover, it is very difficult to steal there because tight against you, it is impossible to steal your contents.

The 20l waterproof backpack – Black:

Waterproof backpack 20l black

This backpack with a capacity of 20l will allow you to evacuate at sea or river without any worries. Remarkably waterproof , you will then take a considerable advantage from going to the shore with this bag when during a collapse, everyone will run panicked in the streets.

The possibility of surviving several days at sea keeping your belongings and food dry is significant. In addition, you will be able to avoid any hypothermia which would mean the end in a hostile situation.

This bag can accommodate the belongings of three people, you can now see that it would be very valuable to you in these specific cases.

The 100l military backpack – Opex:

100l opex military backpack

This backpack with a huge capacity of 100l is generally reserved for our soldiers who use it during perilous external operations. This tells you its reliability in dangerous situations.

By using this bag during your survival, you are guaranteed to have a bag always ready to accommodate your belongings and those of your loved ones because of its large capacity.

Camouflage color , in a wood or a rural place, you will seem to blend in perfectly with nature. Plus, with a breathable back and water resistance , you've got your sights set on whether it's a downpour or high heat, you'll always be with an optimal pack ready to help you tackle whatever tough events you throw your way. will have to face.

Survival backpacks in brief…:

Here through this beautiful article, three survival bags of various capacities reliable and ready to serve you when needed. The three have different abilities for different terrains and locations. However, all three have a value to add to you, a contribution that should not be neglected during your crisis situation.

You would be wrong not to take advantage of it before it is too late...


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