Comment vivre sans électricité ?

How to live without electricity?

Living without electricity? Completely crazy ? No, to tell the truth not really, our ancestors did it much more often than in our time, that's clear.

But then how did they manage to see clearly? Did they manage to survive despite everything? Yes.

And even better, it is nowadays POSSIBLE to find SEVERAL effective alternatives to improve a life without electricity.

Old-fashioned by candlelight that gradually died out and ran down your fingers.

Of course, you could pull out all the stops and dine by candlelight daily, but today there are still many other solutions to overcome a dystopian world where electricity is no longer present.

First of all, yes indeed in our everyday life in the West, many industries depend on energy and because of this, subconsciously, you may think that living without it would simply be impossible!


Did you know that today more than a billion people on Earth live without it?

The role of electricity

The role of electricity

First of all, here is a useful reminder to keep in mind regarding the role or rather the roles of electricity for the rest of us.

Remember your ancestor 10,000 years ago. It's good ? You may not have pictures of him but in any case, I assure you that he used a fire to cook his meat and also repel wild animals.

Food indeed, here is the first source of attention of the campfire which at the beginning was taken for a ferocious animal by the Man of Cro-magnon.

Then domesticated until, roughly speaking, I grant you, end up making power plants with the capacity and the power to bring electricity to the homes of the twenty-first century.

Eating and cooking your food today without an oven or electric stove is possible !

For this, cooking over a wood fire can be an excellent alternative.

Who says wood fire also means coal.

Light up and eat are also POSSIBLE just like washing, you will see it in this incredible article!

Heat up and light up

Heating without electricity

The Cro-magnon man also needed to have a campfire to HEAT.

With electricity, you too have this essential need in order to survive bad weather, storms... simply cold.

So what concrete alternatives to keep warm and heat your living space without having access to any electrical activity?

Well, here too there are several choices available to you!

The famous fireplace that you feed with logs recovered from the forest or from a friend for example.

But also, wood and coal stoves and the use of wood-burning or oil-fired boilers.

As you can now see heating up and lighting up, multiple so-called “modern” possibilities can be included.


It is absolutely not vital to have this modern equipment but keep in a corner of your head that without electricity, no more detective series on television, or even no more too many hours surfing the web reading extraordinary articles.

But to live efficiently and be in the know, you can still have your mobile device!

Today, there are cases that can be recharged by the sun ! Thanks to the famous shining star on the human alias the sun, the latter fully recharges your mobile phone via photovoltaic sensors.

LIVE without electricity and you will gradually know minimalism. Little, no odds and ends, just pure and simple efficiency.

EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS to live without electricity

Insulate the house

insulate your home

Proper insulation is PRIMARY in order to live a dignified life without the electrical world to help you. Being cold in winter is contrary to honorable survival.

Note that excellent insulation of your home sometimes allows a living area not to be heated enormously.

Indeed, good insulation, less wind can enter your home, and therefore less humidity and cold to be filled by the heat of a heating .

Central heating

Pellet heating

Oil heating but also wood or pellet heating via stoves are methods of heating.

The wood or pellet stove then turns out to be the most economical decision if your budget is tight.

For fuel oil, for 500 liters or even 1000 litres, you are ready to face a harsh winter.

A gas stove will be vital for you to cook your fresh food but also your vegetables.

Cook your food

Gas cookers

A gas stove is surely the best alternative to an electric stove.

(Remember that gas cylinders are returnable and must be returned once empty.)

For the more adventurous, the fireplace and the wood fire are also an alternative but which seems less realistic in the medium and long term to cook your food every day.

Dry foods

dry food

Have a stock of dry foods such as preserves, pasta, rice but also pleasures such as dried fruits or cakes . Because yes, surviving without electricity does not mean forgetting your taste pleasure. Moreover, many survivalists have their chocolate bar reserves in their food stocks and it is a real asset to have a snack of this style in troubled and stressful times for humans.

You can also eat fruits that can remain at room temperature while bearing in mind that they will rot one day or another. Consume local, consume your crops, learn to make a vegetable garden and you will then have your own fruits, vegetables but also preserves at a lower cost.

Wash yourself

A water source is a must. But if you don't have that, what's better than an old-fashioned shower. A recovery of rainwater, or a basin of water and you are ready to wash like the old one without electricity.

A source of light

A hand-cranked solar lamp !

But yes, you have already seen it, that's for sure. It's very important to have one handy since without electricity, you will be plunged into darkness like two centuries ago.

However, effective solutions such as a solar lamp can be of great help to you. Recharging with elbow grease, what better way to survey your shelter or your durable Autonomous Base at any time of the day or night.


You know it now, electricity is used to improve the life of human beings . More comfort, more facilities for heating, lighting, cooking food, of course, but for a world where electricity is no longer there, there are many EFFECTIVE and SIMPLE solutions in front of you.

Insulating your home, heating it with oil as much as with a wood or pellet stove, but also installing solar panels on your roof can be excellent ideas!

When it comes to cooking your fresh food, what better than a gas stove. It's a safe bet in a world without electricity.

Concerning your food, favor stock food , keep in mind to treat yourself all the same by making, why not a stock of cakes and other chocolates. It will reinvigorate you and lift your spirits.

As for staying "connected" in the world of wireless 2.0, cell phone cases allow you to recharge your device with the sun's rays.

Here, the mass is said! It is more than POSSIBLE to have solid alternatives to live WITHOUT electricity friends of survival!


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