Que faire en cas de guerre civile?

What to do in case of Civil War?

Troubles between powerful countries, economic crisis , pandemic that collapses the stock markets, community conflicts , increase in violence, inversion of values... this current society is on the brink of a nervous breakdown. This precious article gives you advice and methods to follow to survive this war ...

How to react in case of civil war?

Your survival backpack , which must already be ready in an accessible place that you can easily reach, must be the first thing to put on your back. As soon as you are aware that there are conflicts between common people and that a civil war is coming . Imagine that you learn that major conflicts are upsetting your country or your region when you get out of bed, your backpack must be in the same room if possible in order to take survivalist initiatives as quickly as possible. Either the capacity of your backpack is gigantic (at least 50L) and you can then place the belongings of you and your small family there. Either everyone leaves with their backpack ready to survive in these difficult times.

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Where to take refuge in the event of a civil war?

Where to Go Civil War

Your durable self-contained base or an enclosed place you've already roamed and know every nook and cranny up and down. You will survive more easily and have a great advantage over any enemy on a land already known. It is better to leave in nature in a place where, if ever the civil war lasts several months or even years, you could develop a whole vegetable garden there and feed yourself without having to move. Also have something to defend yourself with . During a Civil War, the fresh food that grows on your land will be coveted and in short supply.

If you decide to go into the forest, we recommend our forest survival guide .

Who to notify?

In your survival backpack, there must obviously be your survival kit and in the latter will be your mobile phone in order to contact as quickly as possible relatives or allies with whom you have already planned this kind of event in order to ' be more strategic and cohesive as a team.

Civil War Military Survival Kit

Also note that...

During a civil war, the selection of allies is vital. You must have iron faith in your friends . Because during an armed conflict that turns a country upside down, justice no longer exists. A neighbor with whom you had a slight conflict a few months ago can eliminate you without the slightest reproach of justice since it will be non-existent.

How to protect yourself in the event of a civil war?

How to Defend Collapse

Have a knife in one of your backpack compartments. But you can also provide a rifle with a sports shooting license or a hunting license, for example. In a civil war, most weapons will unfortunately be unregulated, but you owe it to yourself to be foresighted and to have weapons. We recommend, if you have the opportunity, to test traps in your autonomous base , before the crisis or the civil war . In case you didn't have this time, you can always place some later.

These will be put back on the agenda if ever a civil war breaks out. Each optimization to secure you such as weapons or traps will give you some precious moments of additional survival.

How to communicate?

Communicate Civil War

Via mobile phone , this commonplace accessory in the modern world will be of untold preciousness to you during a civil war. Otherwise, the simple fact of living in a community of allies and loved ones in whom you have real confidence.

You can also opt for a walkie-talkie but it will still be less efficient than a smartphone, and not everyone has one...

How to sustain this civil war over time?

Having sufficient food rations is obviously an important piece of data on your daily survival and on the length and extent possible.

Create strong alliances or stand alone?

Community Survivalism

To be left alone with his small family is synonymous with certain death during a civil war. Only, take care (well before the start of the conflict) to analyze the people around you who are likely to be at your side for your respective survivals. Alone, you will be sure to be discreet but faced with a group that arrives near you, your goods and your only resources will be theirs. Be organized in a solid community that you already rub shoulders with before this civil war and you will optimize your chances of surviving this terrible war.

How to buy/exchange goods?

Barter Survival

During a civil war, you will generally be in a rural environment, and then, it is obvious that the nearby businesses will be closed as a precaution so as not to be looted.

Barter with your allies will then be the new business, the new market on the agenda.

So, for example, if one of your real comrades needs to cut wood to decorate his shelter, go ahead and in exchange , he will help you for something else or he will give you a dry food that he keeps preciously in its stock. Resourcefulness and business between people of the same community will be vital to surviving a civil war.

During armed clashes, this person will be with you to protect your entire group.

In short, what to remember to survive

To ultimately survive and above all not perish in the Civil War, you must be far-sighted, protected, and fearsome in your defense. This can be the defense of your place of life, your resources or even yourself and your allies.

Laws no longer exist in a civil war, a simple weak looking beggar can kill you in the back and take your food and emergency shelter if he feels like it.

What food should be stored in the event of a crisis?

Providing dry food such as canned goods as well as a whole stock of ammunition and firearms may be the order of the day.

Be very attentive to your quantities, to your rations so as not to be in lack.

Looting and mugging are common during civil wars. Daily supplies will be precious and you will have to protect them with great intelligence and a lot of cunning.

Also have something to protect yourself (firearms, knives, traps) as well as something to make a fire . A solid alliance with relatives in your community that you already know before this dangerous war would be a plus. You will have already built loyal and solid bonds between you.

Barter and the exchange of resources and time will be in vogue.

Plan for a long-term civil war, be ruthless and show no emotion to rivals.

Your resources and your cunning as well as good equipment and good preparation will be the keys to your survival and that of your loved ones...

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