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A few days ago we had to make a contest game in partnership with Invasion Viking Shop . The principle is to make our community earn a necklace for free in exchange for visibility. What we accepted. Today, in order to be transparent with our community, we would like to provide feedback on this Viking shop .

Should you buy from Invasion Viking Shop? Are they reliable? Are their products of good quality? We break it all down with you in this article.

What is Invasion Viking Shop?

Invasion Viking Shop describes itself as a shop open to the Nordic and Scandinavian world. They have been open since 2016 and successfully deliver several thousand orders per month . Recently present on social networks, they have therefore chosen to find partners in order to extend their visibility on the internet.

What can we find on their online store?

First of all, there are three main collections :

  1. Viking Jewelry
  2. Viking Clothes
  3. Viking Accessories

Our opinion on this Norse Viking Shop:

Viking Jewelry

In this category, we find bracelets , rings and necklaces .
The first advantage comes from the fact that the prices are quite wide and different. Indeed, we find high-end but also entry-level. For our contest, we won a Skoll and Hati collar which is part of their entry-level. The winner was very happy with it and we received positive feedback from this partnership.

We also had the opportunity to receive a bracelet from the Fenrir Wolf to check the quality and we are very satisfied . The descriptions are accurate and describe the product you want to buy. It was a golden point for us to verify the seriousness of the brand. We even left a review on the product page for those curious.

Regarding this first collection, it is a success for them.

Viking Clothing

This is perhaps their only weak point.

For what? Simply because they told us that for the entry level many customers made mistakes in the choice of sizes mainly for sweaters.

Indeed, sweaters and entry-level t-shirts are quite small models. It is therefore advisable to refer to the size guide that they make available in order to compare with your clothes at home.

Regarding high-end t-shirts (45-60€) no problem. The quality is there and the t-shirts are durable over time .

Viking Accessories

At this level you can find everything. There are disguises , hair ties , cups . Enough to make you a true Nordic warrior !

We haven't had the opportunity to test this collection but given the customer feedback we are convinced that it must be great. They even offer Viking wallets!

Fans of Viking mythology and history

Indeed, on their Viking blog , you will find several very detailed articles on Scandinavian culture , the myths and legends that compose it, etc,...

For novices like us, it was a pleasure to learn more about this universe. May Odin witness it!

We also take this opportunity to give a special mention to the Invasion Viking Shop team , which is very responsive and attentive to its customers.

delivery times

Delivery at Invasion Viking Shop varies between 7 and 17 days for Europe, which is very correct. The follow-up by email is assured and the customer service efficient .


Our opinion on Invasion Viking Shop is that it is a shop that deserves a better place on the internet. The service is of high quality and the products will delight the Viking community .

For our part, we started the "Vikings" series which immersed us in this universe.

For those wishing to shop on this store, this link offers you a 15% discount on your first order. It is valid for 48 hours after activation (after clicking on it).


See you soon for new articles on survival!


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