Comment Survivre en Forêt ?

How to Survive in the Forest?


You are in the middle of nowhere. During a time of unrest in your country, in your continent or on the entire planet.

Whether it's a pandemic, a civil war, an economic collapse or simply territorial rivalries, here you are now in a forest and you must survive at all costs.

Basically, the human body has always needed very little to survive.

But these things are vital.

Consisting of 80% water, we must find drinking water. Next, food to fuel our energy reserve for the day.

forest survival

On top of that, you are in the forest and not in your comfortable Parisian apartment or your comfortable country house. You don't have a roof structure or a wall or insulation. Basically you have to warm up .

To keep warm in the forest, you must learn how to make a fire. So ! Now with food, fire and drinking water, what is missing?

Simply a shelter, a makeshift shelter !

In a forest, wood is everywhere, sorry, quality wood is everywhere. With string, rope and wood, then build a solid shelter with branches to survive in the forest for a few days, a few weeks, a few months.

You must also optimize your mental health because it is vital in the forest. Without this strength of mind, there is no chance of survival in a hostile environment. You just wouldn't have the energy and attitude to build your shelter. You MUST have your EDC backpack with you to have the maximum number of tools necessary for your journey.

First stage ! : Become aware of the place

Get to know the places

You are you and your EDC bag finely prepared and are dressed perhaps in K-way perhaps in jeans perhaps with hiking shoes. Which will allow me to hold on for several days, yes, of course, it falls. You will be soaked in time and you fell in the water, It is the case to say it alas. This is why you must consciously take note of the places around you , the type of trees, whether there are a lot of brambles, obstacles or even a lot of ferns.

If you ever see ferns, for example, it may mean the presence of snakes fond of these herbs. Be vigilant and constantly on your guard.

A survival shelter in the forest

Forest Survival Shelter

With your EDC backpack, you have with you a lot of tools needed to build a makeshift shelter. Knives, ropes, strings and your energy to cut and carve wooden sticks and here you are with all the necessary equipment to build a shelter .

Why not in a triangular shape like a teepee?

Connect and cut the ends of sticks together with rope, and cover it all with branches so that it is waterproof in case of rain.

So here you are with an ideal shelter for your survival!

Step number 2: The sacred fire will live forever!

Make a campfire in the forest

And yes the fire is not only present to warm you up in case of bad weather.

You will then cook your food thanks to its precious flames but you will also keep wild animals away from this hostile environment which is not very conducive to the comfort of modern man.

In your EDC bag, there is surely a lighter, matches or even a fire stone.

Then go on an adventure to find dry wood , then fill your backpack with these precious sticks. Then do the construction of the fire structure.

Take stones or flints , the best remains stones.

Then make a circle that will be the area of ​​your campfire .

Put the collected dry wood and some dry grass in this circle.

Then light with the help of your lighter or matches. It will take without too much trouble and you are heated, protected from wild animals but also ready to cook your food.

Obviously, make a small shelter for your fire if it rains.

Step number 3: Drinking water and food mission

Find a source of drinking water in the forest

Drinking source forest

Your third step is to find food and drinking water .

Remember that a source or a small river indicates a human presence, a trace of civilization not far away by carefully following the current. You may come across a hamlet, a village or something else. When you come across a spring, check to see if it is making strange bubbles on the surface . That would be a bad sign. Otherwise, if you know that animals can also drink, then the water is drinkable.

In an emergency, you can absolutely take water, boil it on your fire and consume it afterwards.

How to find food in the forest?

Food in the forest

When it comes to food, keep in mind that you can stay in this disturbing wood for weeks or even months. So be smart! Consider scattering traps everywhere . With strings and holes, numbers of edible animals can get caught in the mesh of your net.

In your EDC, you can have what you also make a craft fishing rod . To build a craft fishing rod out of it, it is very easy with a stick and a string with a bait. On the river and do not hesitate to welcome the edible either, I say edible. As well as nuts, hazelnuts and other seeds at your fingertips.

When it comes to hunting animals, your knife and your intelligence and local knowledge will work to your advantage.

On the other hand, do not waste time and energy hunting for little result.

As for the best time to find wild beasts, go there early in the morning when the sun rises . Many animals drink from the rivers early in the morning.

Summary for surviving in the forest:

  1. Explore the surroundings
  2. Make a shelter out of a teepee or using trees
  3. Look for dry wood to make a fire
  4. Start the fire
  5. Find a source of drinking water
  6. Make a fishing rod
  7. Build traps
  8. Gather dried fruits and other edible seeds

Voila, you now have the three fundamental steps to survive in the forest! Food, shelter, drinking water or even fire.

Don't forget that to find signs of life, you must follow the course of the rivers to a next probable future hamlet in the village.


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