Quelle Nourriture Stocker en cas de Crise ?

What Food to Store in a Crisis?

During a crisis, it is obvious that you must eat and drink clean water.

Indeed, it is one of the primary needs of human beings. Only what type of food, what type of food to store in order to feed in the event of a crisis... this article reveals these precious foods ideal for survival...

Why store food?

Store Food Survival

Storing food is essential in your life as a survivalist. Indeed, the food will be there to give you the energy to survive, to help you in terms of morale but also at certain times, to bring you comfort .

You will see that in addition to traditional preserves , you can generate your own food from a vegetable patch or garden. Combining these two sources of fruits, vegetables and other foods will allow you to be much more prepared for a crisis.

These will keep very well and provide you with lots of precious calories , which is vital during this kind of period.

It is also good to give yourself small pleasures that will do you good for your morale. This is obviously important in the event of a crisis or major upheaval. The mind is very dependent on food, do not neglect it.

Canned dry foods

Canned food survivalism

In the event of a crisis, canned fruit and homemade vegetables can be stored. Supermarket cans can be very valuable to you.

Cans of jam, applesauce or peaches, apricots can be kept for several years and will bring you quick sugar during a crisis when you can no longer go shopping.

Regarding vegetables, think of the canned jar of pickles, tomatoes, beans or pasta in the style of ravioli.

Most of this food could come from your vegetable garden, the pasta and/or ravioli would come from a supermarket in advance.

Purchased at low cost, you will then have a great source of slow sugar at your fingertips for a derisory cost and which can also be kept for several years.

Foods such as energy bars

Survival Cookie

A cereal bar bought in its pack of 6 or 12 wholesale can bring you a pleasant taste of hazelnuts, chocolate or others and make you fuel in the morning.

Having a large stock of these energy bars filled with fast sugars could be very interesting for you.

Remember to vary by also integrating preserves such as cassoulet , sauerkraut etc... according to your culinary tastes.

All these boxes are inexpensive and can be kept for years .

Cans from your vegetable garden will be free and also have a very long expiry date.

Having lots of granola bars is a huge bonus in terms of added energy and gustatory pleasures during a crisis.

Also, these dry foods will keep for a very long time if kept in a place with low humidity .

freeze-dried foods

freeze-dried survival food

Freeze-dried foods (which the military is particularly fond of) will also be a valuable part of your survival diet. By mixing them with a little water , you will then have liquid foods that will boost you and will take up very little space. Again, these foods can be kept for a very long time and take up very little space, which makes them an ideal ally in the event of a crisis.

These powdered foods that turn into liquid porridge when added to water,

Salted/frozen meats

Jerky Survival

Meat or fish may (depending on meat and fish) be eaten raw if it has just been killed. For example, freshly killed salmon can be eaten instantly .

Meats, such as beef or charcuterie, can be smoked in salt and also last for many months . Your reserve of fats and proteins are in meats and you could then make a huge stock in case of upheavals which would then save you from having to go to the supermarket.

The pleasures of survival

chocolate survival kit

But yes, don't forget these little taste pleasures which can also be kept vacuum-packed for a very long time.

Moreover, in times of crisis, keeping your spirits up is a key to holding on and surviving.

A bar of chocolate, for example, would make an excellent snack in the event of a crisis, and then the chocolate keeps very well and will give you a lot of comfort and a boost in morale if you are not at your best.

A packet of cakes, sweets or even madeleines can, by the simple taste and feeling that your puck will make you feel, amaze you in chaotic times. The pleasures of life are the simplest...

Drinking water

Survival filter bottle

Obviously, what would your diet be without this liquid which makes up 80% of your body.

Drinking water should be stored in bottled mineral water . They will keep for months as long as they are unopened.

Alternatively, a sustainable self-contained base or crisis shelter near a source of potable water .

You can also opt for a filter straw in case of emergency to drink water in any condition.

Good hydration also means good oxygenation of the brain and therefore better thinking. Thus, your hostile situation will seem easier to solve with a brain in shape and ready to deliver you the least potential of survival possible.

Finally remember:

Ultimately, you can eat and store many different types of foods and foods.

Whether it 's home-made preserves or bought in wholesale supermarkets , they will be very useful to you and will be available for several months or even years as long as they are not opened.

Ditto for the powdered foods that feed many soldiers around the world, in this case, a simple mixture with drinking water and you are filled with energy in the event of a crisis.

Meat can also (everything depends on the animal in question) eaten and especially stored either in freezing , or in long-term salting . Thus, fish such as beef or others can be frozen and all charcuterie and/or sausages can remain at room temperature for a very long time when salted.

The pleasures are also interesting including resisting a major crisis. Chocolate bars like packets of cake can provide you with many calories as well as quick sugar and this will boost your pleasure hormone, which will give you a big boost in morale as well as in your energy level. With parsimony, it can be a superb ally to hope to get out of it in times of crisis.

And then, of course, do not hesitate to store a good number of bottles of mineral water . These will keep for years as long as they are not opened and will allow you to be hydrated throughout your journey.


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