Qu'est ce qu'un edc?

But in fact, what is an EDC?

THE simple and concrete definition

EDC, abbreviation of Everyday-Carry , this charming compound word from the language of Shakespeare actually designates a simple backpack in which you carry the famous objects that you have almost permanently on you !

Basically, the gadgets that you carry in your pockets or on your person without even thinking about it in the age of 2.0 such as:

  • a watch
  • a folding knife
  • a mobile phone
  • or even a pen!

Because yes, before thinking about a future confrontation that will devastate Western metropolises or even a stock market crash that would falter the world economy, you must think about daily survival .

In your everyday life , the world may also appear hostile towards you.

city ​​survival

Indeed, we are not in the world of care bears but in a society where danger can appear quickly and unpredictably in several forms. And to respond effectively to this, several VITALLY important utensils can help keep your head above water during an episode of crisis.

The essential equipment is to HAVE in your daily backpack.

What is an EDC used for?

Concretely, an EDC will help you to SURVIVE ! Keep your head above water in an emergency in the face of any peril that comes your way. Having an Everyday-Carry bag optimized at best for survivalism will relieve you mentally even before facing adventures.

You will know that these valuable everyday items will help you.

Be as sane as possible!

You must survive several days minimum with your EDC.

The EDC should be light in order to maximize your energy in a tough period of survival.

What is an EDC made of?

A classic EDC contains the primary objects of everyday life.

Everyman often has the basics of a classic EDC on him without even realizing it.

He does not know that his everyday tools have the great power to get him out of many dead ends.


  • One of the first basic pieces of equipment is your mobile phone . This communication tool will get you out of trouble a lot of times. Obviously, the mobile charger is to be taken with you as well.
  • Your watch is also important. Indeed, keeping the time of day in mind is important in order to best program its various survival missions to be carried out first and those which are less essential.
  • A sharp object such as a folding knife is a MUST in your EDC and I am weighing my words! Cut a piece of wood, a piece of clothing, protect yourself... only possible events where your knife will be of great use to you.
    Keep in mind, for example, the famous folding knife of your great-uncle who lived in the countryside. Yes, he used it to cut the dandelions at the root but it will be of great help to you in case of problems.
  • Another accessory of your EDC, a cover such as a sleeping bag or a coat see gloves .
    Having a spare pair of socks in your survival bag is also something to remember.
    In short, having a change of clothes is a must!
    A simple river or a sudden rain and you'll have your feet soaked and catching a cold is out of the question during a crisis.
    And yes, keeping your body heat warm and toasty is a matter of life and death in survival . Ladies and gentlemen, don't neglect this accessory, your life could depend on it.
  • After a coat and a duvet, what could be better than fuel to both be warm and keep pests and wild animals away?
    A lighter or matches and you can then make a fire which will mean that you will sleep more peacefully.
    And in trying times, what could be more refreshing than a good night's sleep. It's in moments of survival that you understand the superpowers of a good night's rest.
    In addition, you will have the possibility of cooking your meat or even boiling water in order to eliminate the probable bacteria in it.
  • A medicine box is to be added to your backpack!
    Dressings, Ventolin, bandages, disinfectant or even pain medication are to be had in case of problems.
  • What about your identity papers and your money ? Depending on the exceptional situation that presents itself to you, you must be able to prove your identity and do some shopping in order to compensate for any shortages.
  • A fire, something to cut, something to change and communicate with, very good , but there is still your STOMACH to FILL .
    A ration of dry food and bottled water should be included in sufficient quantity depending on the duration of the upheaval.

The bonus tools of an EDC

Do not forget these essential tools such as a water bottle , rope or string that can be used to tie a hammock or to tie clothes to dry for example.

A pen is also to put on your list as well as a solar or manually rechargeable lamp .

Also think about tissues and keys or even sunglasses .

Tip of an optimized EDC

A best-optimized EDC is a very well- organized and ordered EDC.

Separate compartments , closed boxes , food and bottles are not likely to leak into your bag.

Indeed, despite a great EDC, a simple badly corked bottle of water and there you are with your eyes crying.

Words of survivalists

edc survivalist

“EDC is really the bare minimum to feel safe in the middle of nowhere. »

“With my Swiss army knife, I really have what it takes. I also have quite a few very useful pieces of equipment that make up my EDC. »

“Thanks to my optimized EDC, I can plan outings in the wild without much hassle. »

"The preciousness of a well-prepared EDC is unequaled in troubled times..."

“To think that sometimes I used his tools without even realizing their importance. »


Your EDC is your everyday survival backpack . It consists of various objects that you use in everyday life such as a watch, a knife, a lighter or clothes.

An Everyday-Carry (EDC) well equipped with everyday items and tools is simply VITAL for your survival.

Don't mess with your gear, don't neglect your EDC, don't take it lightly.

You now know the basic utensils of a quality EDC ready to get you out of worrying situations.

Whether it's for a bivouac during a weekend in the mountains to practice survivalism or when real intense periods of trouble arrive, your EDC must be there.

Danger can come in an instant and close to home, so it's smart to have an EDC ready to help you.

Never forget that planning is the key to survival and without an EDC optimized at best, then you will be much more likely to perish than anything else.


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